Ingester not recovering after re-start using boltdb

We are testing Loki 2.4.1 to start using bolted_shipper in other env.
We have Statefulset of Ingester running as write target utilizing wal. PV and PVC is using file share from Azure for wal and loki data. if for some reason we restart stateful set ingested pod not able to start due to following error.
level=info ts=2021-12-10T20:28:43.896307726Z caller=table_manager.go:241 msg=“loading table index_18971”
level=debug ts=2021-12-10T20:28:44.004925397Z caller=table.go:119 msg=“snapshotting table index_18971”
level=debug ts=2021-12-10T20:28:44.004979498Z caller=table.go:122 msg=“checking db 1639167041 for snapshot”
level=error ts=2021-12-10T20:28:44.170314333Z caller=log.go:106 msg=“error running loki” err="invalid database\nerror creating index