Influxdb / Telegraf: Split CSV cell into multiple (stakked ?) graphs

I have a CSV file, which is generaded by Rsyslog and used as input file for Telegraf. The raw file looks like:


I convert with Telegraf the “select” into a numeric field, so that I can have it on Grafana in a graph:

  • select → 0
  • update → 1
  • insert → 2

So, I want to have three different (stakked? )graphs, with the fields for select / update / insert and the duration (last field in the csv).

I search for something, which let me bring the content of the SQL type (converted to numers) with the duration (ms) into one graph, so that I can see, how long an INSERT or UPDATE took.

Is that possible ?

cu denny

Hi @denny

Can you share more lines of the raw file? What kind of computations do you need to perform on this dataset? There might be an easier way of importing the CSV directly into Grafana using the CSV Datasource or another method. Here below I mocked your one row of data using the TestData DB’s csv content feature: