InfluxDB 1.8 On-Prem and Flux QL

I recently installed the InfluxDB (Flux) Datasource [BETA] plugin. I run an on-prem InfluxDB 1.8.0 instance.

The setup instructions for this plugin are not clear when it comes to configuring this datasource plugin for InfluxDB 1.8. Near as far as I can tell, there are no “v2” APIs in InfluxDB 1.8 to retrieve an organization.

To setup the datasource, I used field values similar to the following:

  • URL: http://localhost:8086 (I also tried http://localhost:8086/api/v2/query)
  • Organization: null
  • Default Bucket: my-bucketname/autogen
  • Max Series: null
  • Token: null

Whenever I click Save & Test, I receive the following error:

500 Internal Server Error: {“error”:“panic”: column retentionPeriod:int is not of type string"}

I thought maybe this was just a “hardcoded” query that was sent to test the datasource connectivity. So I tried to create a dashboard using the datasource. However, any dashboard queries result in the same error message as above.

Am I doing something wrong? I’m not sure I have any retention policy configured on this instance yet. Is that required?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Did you find a solution for this problem?