Incorrect result of selected function "aggregateBy ( 1d , avg )" in zabbix plugin

Dear comunity,

I found out that Zabbix plugin in Grafana provides incorrect result of “aggregateby” function for daily calculations.

I am not able to join aggregated daily data from 2 data sources for local time set in grafana.- Elasticsearch and Zabbix.
It seemes that issue is in Zabbix plugin - specifically, in selected “aggregateby” function for daily calculations: “aggregateBy ( 1d , avg )”.
Hourly aggregation work well.

I think that the best way to explain it is described in attached excel. I assume that it is due to utc timestamp’s values which are used in calculation instead of local timestamp’s values.
In attached file you can see incorrect value and expected correct value.

The my daily chart which join data from elastic and zabbix was created during summertime. I found out this wrong calculation after the time changed from summer to winter. It was change from +2 hour to +1 hour in my timezone.
Solution to use “timeshift” function in Zabbix plugin is not good, it is static setting which I had set till time changed at 30.Okt.2022 as +2h. After that time I had to change it to +1h and daily bar chart was splitted to summertime and wintertime.

I use grafana version Grafana v 9.1.6


Zabbix plugin installed:
Alexander Zobnin
GitHub Docs License 64 061 233
4.2.8, last updated to version 4.2.10 - 3 months ago
Signed Level: Community
Signed by: Alexander Zobnin
Dependencies: Grafana >=8.3.0

Please, is it possible to check it from your point of view and help me with this issue ?
In advance, many thanks for your help.


Has anyone had a chance to look into this problem?
It would be great to have the issue solved till the upcoming change of the time.