Incoming Webhook plugin

Is there any plugin to pass json data to grafana?

My requirement is to pass the monitoring data from my custom solution which is in the json format. I can see the enterprise plugins out there but i couldn’t find any plugin for incoming webhook for Grafana cloud.

I can see simple json plugin but if i put my custom http endpoint in server of data source setting and create a dashboard, i should have seen somthing in the query but it is showing no metric.

Or I would appreciate if you suggest any other recommeded way to pass the json data.

For the Simple JSON plugin and the JSON plugin, they both fetch data from a REST API that expose certain endpoints, such as /query.

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do with the incoming webhook? Where’s the data stored and how do you want to access it?

Thanks for the answer. I am having a custom solution that monitors my applications and cloud services. It will send notifications in certain frequency despite healthy and failure to webhook which can be another custom dashboard solution that is where i want to see Grafana cloud.