In grafana dashboard can we upload a doc like PDF

Hi Team,

In our office, we have configured grafana dashboard for each customer. Is there any option so that we can upload the user manual like pdf in the Grafana home page.

Hi @harsha20896 - you can use the Text panel’s HTML mode to add links to your PDF for instructions. You can also play around with it to add your customer’s instruction text there directly.

If you want to get fancier and embed the PDF itself using an embed code of a third party app or iframe you may have to go to your .ini configuration file to true for disable_santize_html (if you self-host Grafana and have that access - please note that there is a security risk mentioned in docs ) Configuration | Grafana Labs

Hi Samcoren,

Thanks for your reply. learned new things from you now. Since I am new to grafana , i have a new req from my team to do this. I was struggling with this part. if you have time can you tell me how can we do it? and what all changes need to do, to complete the task.

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