Import Dashboard

Hi, I have created multiple dashboard in grafana 4.6 version , now m using Grafana 7.1 version
When i m trying to import json file from old grafana to new grafana , window is showing blank
Can anyone please help me for this? Is it possible to import old grafana json file to import in a new version if Data Source is same?

It should, but that’s an awfully large jump. Which data source are you using?

Have you watched Grafana log? sometimes It gives you some clues to fix your imports.

Hi, m using Postgresql Data Source.

Hi, Whr i can see logs?

In grafana.log usually placed in /var/log/grafana/grafana.log (RedHat, Fedora, Centos). Check the right path for your operating system.

hi can you plz help me with this ?
m using postgres sql as data source.
This is my query for a graph where i hv to select multiple parameter.

SELECT log_time as “time”, CASE when ${Parameter} = DEMAND then (Parameter/1000) when {Parameter} = KVAR_LEAD then (Parameter/1000) else {Parameter} END AS “alias” FROM public.meter_blk_detail_view where meter_id = ${METER_ID} and log_time>= date_trunc(‘day’,now()) and log_time<= now() order by log_time

its showing me error
pq: invalid input syntax for type real: “DEMAND” ( I hv selected DEMAND in Parameter Lable)

Maybe you have to use “DEMAND” instead of DEMAND.