Imbed pulldown variable in hyperlink

I have a variable called “ReportDate” that is used to select a Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a dashboards based on the report date selected in a pull-down list.

In a sperate table panel is a list of different KPI dashboards. Each dashboard has a hyperlink attached to it. What I’m looking for is how to imbed the “ReportDate” variable in the hyperlink. So, when the dashboard hyperlink is click on, the selected date in ReportDate” variable is attached to the hyperlink, so the new dashboard opens up with same selected date.

The pulldown list has a list of 3 dates: 2022/03/03, 22022/02/24, 2022/02/17
The table panel list has 3 dashboards: dashboard1, dashboard2, dashboard3
Dashboard1 is currently showing KPI’s for date 2022/02/24, When dashboard3 is selected, I want to show the dashboard3 KPI’s using the same selected date. I don’t want to have to reselect the 22022/02/24 date.

@lanmeter can you share a screenshot of how you’re linking the dashboards? Variables are supported in some links, but it would be good to see what you’re doing so the community can give you advice that’s most relevant to your use case.

Here’s something that came to mind, but I’m not sure if this is what you’re trying to do:

I figured it out, Thank you for the reply :grinning: