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Hello, I’m running Grafana with timestream datasource, I want to export the dashboard as a pdf but I get a message to install the image rendering plugin. I have raspberry pi with linux version ‘armv7’, is there a supported version of this plugin? or if there another way to export the dashboard? Thank you,

Hi @jmurr,

What version of Grafana are you running on your pi?

I’m running Grafana directly from the AWS Console “AMG”, it’s the version v7.5.2;
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Hi @jmurr,

OK, thank you for the extra info. My advice right now is to ask AMG support about this. I am not sure if the Image Rendering plugin is available for AMG users.

There is also an alternative to the plugin called Remote Rendering Service, but I don’t know if AMG supports this. That service requires additional infrastructure.

Oh okay I understand, thank you for your suggestion!

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See this related post from yesterday. Looks like AWS is working on adding additional plugin support.

That’s great !! I’ll be checking on this feature.

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Hi again,

I have another issue but not with the plugins. It’s about the difference in the calculation field.

I have a panel in Grafana dashboard with 2 queries, “SELECT value A” and “SELECT value B”.
In (Display>calculation): I chose ‘difference’ because I want the values between a specific timerange.
The problem is when I make a transform (add field from calculation), value A/value B, the difference applies also on that result and I don’t need that.
Is there a way to make this equation without the difference?

Thank you,

Hi @jmurr ,

No worries. I’m trying to make this work, but so far the best I can do is split your queries into to panels.

Panel 1 = 2 queries, calculation set to difference

Panel 2 = 2 queries, calculation set to last, not null, and then add your transformation New field from calculation, binary operation, A / B, and select Replace all Fields.

(Also, I’m guessing you’re using a gauge panel panel or the stat panel?)

Another solution, which is also a more performant solution, would be to perform some of these transformations inside the database and not inside Grafana.

Does this help?


I already tried that, but even so, it’s not working. I want to operate on the “difference values” of A and B, and not on their last values.

  • A/B = 2 (last value)
  • A/B = 3 (first value)
  • A/B = -1 (because the difference applies on the transform field!)
    I’m searching for a way to do that in the data-base, but I would prefer if I can do it in grafana.
    P.S.: I’m using both a gauge and and a stat panel.

Thank you for your reply!

Any updates on this?!
Plus, I would like to make a panel which when I click on it, it redirects me to another dashboard. How can I do that?
Thank you,

Hi @jmurr,

Sorry, I guess I’m not clear on your goal. As far as having one dashboard redirect to another–how do you mean? What are you trying to accomplish?

Hello, thanks for replying. I already accomplished that.
However, the difference calculation is still a problem !