Image Rendering PlugIn Installation Fails with Grafana 8 on Windows 2019

My System:

Windows Server 2019
Grafana 8.0.0
Image-Renderer-Engine 3.0.0

Installation behing a WEB-Proxy Firewall

How do i proceed?

  1. Stop Grafana (sc stop grafana)
  2. Change to Grafana Path (cd \Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\bin)
  3. Install plugIn (grafana-cli.exe plugins install grafana-image-renderer)
  4. Start Grafana (sc start grafana)
  5. Check PlugIn: installed and signed
  6. Stop Grafana (sc stop grafana)
  7. Start Grafana (sc start grafana)
  8. Check PlugIn: now it says: Modified Signature

Solution for this Problem:
9. Stop Grafana
10. Delete MANIFEST.TXT file
11. add allow_loading_unsigned_plugins = grafana-image-renderer to my custom.ini
12. Start Grafana
13. Check PlugIn: installed and unsigned

Should i post this to GitHub?

Hi, Yes I think that if this bug is not going away that you should report it in the image-renderer repo.

Here is a related issue that you might want to check out from two days ago. Thanks for noting this!

Hi @ulrichc

I have seen that you had the same issue than me. I would like to confirm with you when you applied steps from 9 to 13 the image-render plugin works again?

Please let me know your comments due to that I’m facing the same issue and I have tried to call the chromium with different arguments but I have not been a lucky guy.

Have a nice day!