Ignore Value Options when writing PromQL

A bit frustrated here, so bear with me. I’m constantly fighting myself when writing PromQL. I’ll write the perfect query in Prometheus, and attempt to carry it over to Grafana. I think Grafana is trying to be smart about it, and letting folks write basic queries and performing aggregations on it. I don’t want this.

If I write sum_over_time(up{instance="test123"}[48h]) in Grafana, I’m guessing it wants me to just write up{instance="test123"}[48h] and then click the Options tab, then Stat option, and to pick Min, Max, Average, etc. The issue is that not every PromQL function is represented here, and I have to play around with the various options to figure out what exactly is happening. Couldn’t figure out how to get rate_over_time represented, for example. Is there a “Raw” option anywhere? So I can use the PromQL functions and not the Grafana ones?

Why not just use an instant query ? Will only return one datapoint

Or set step to same 48h , and pick current in sknglestat options