Iframe to networked docker container

I’m trying to add a web-ui from another docker container (in my case nodered ui) into Grafana as iframe using the text panel in HTML mode.
The docker containers are networked together using docker networking, i.e. they are in the same docker network.

I successfully got access to the influxdb-container (in the same docker network) as influx datasource using its hostname and internal port. i.e. in my case “http://influxdb:8086”.

I would expect this to work the iframe to work similarly, something like:

<iframe src="http://node-red:1880/ui/#/0"></iframe>

But I get the error: " nodered ’s server IP address could not be found."

I tried using the docker network-internal ip address of the nodered container (in my case, but that gave me a timeout error.

Your browser loads iframe URL, which you have specified in src attribute. You need to use URL (http://<docker host IP/domain>:<published port of node-red container>), which you can reach directly from the browser.

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Oh right. Get it. Thanks.

Unfortunately that’s not going to work in my current dev environment (long story - self-signed certificates, reverse-proxy, …).

I’ll probably have to wait with this until I migrate to something closer to a production environment.

Or is there some other way to integrate another web-UI in grafana or have them somehow neatly combined?