I need to create dashboard in canva panel

i am new to canva panel i need to create my own canva panel …please help.

@srinidhikadiresh1998 I hope “Canva” is a native Canvas panel. This video should help you:

Hey Dear, Let me tell you, to create your own Canva panel, start by signing up for a Canva account if you haven’t already. Once logged in, navigate to the “Branding” tab, where you can customize your brand colors, fonts, and logos. Save these preferences to create a consistent brand identity. Additionally, explore the “Templates” section to design your unique templates, ensuring they align with your brand guidelines. As you create and save designs, Canva will automatically organize them in the “Your Designs” section for easy access. Utilize these personalized templates and branding elements in your future designs, streamlining your workflow and maintaining a cohesive visual identity across various projects.