I got TypeError "Cannot read property 'setTable' of undefined"

I declared the below variable in the dashboard plugin.

this.dashboard.meta.canEdit = false;
export { myPlugin as PanelCtrl };

And I got the following error

TypeError: Cannot read property 'setTable' of undefined
    at TablePanelEditor.tsx:40
    at s (TablePanelEditor.tsx:3)
    at u.<anonymous> (TablePanel.tsx:29)
    at u.emit (index.js:150)
    at e.emit (emitter.ts:27)
    at t.e.render (panel_ctrl.ts:222)
    at t.render (module.ts:232)
    at panel_editor_tab.ts:28
    at angular.js:20566
    at p (angular.js:6428)

This seems to be an internal problem with grafana.
Can I fix it?