I got new layout and no grafs for users with view permission

My dashboard suddenly, since a couple of days ago, has a different layout and does not load graphs when the user has view permission.

If I changed the permission for the user, from view to edit, it looks right.
I have cleared the cache and used different browsers but still have the same problem if I use the view permission.

What has changed to make it like this and how do I fix it?

Same here. First I thought it has to do with the fact I am looking at my dashboard on my mobile and maybe something changed for mobile / ios browsers but when using the user with write permissions it all shows up again.

Today I could suddenly see the graphs but they were shrunk horizontally. This was resolved by removing the link to the panel. (The graph was a panel)
I don’t understand why this solved the problem, but I can now see the graphs as a viewer.