I can't see datas in grafana + influxdb using GKE/GCP platform/tutorial


I stay trying this: https://github.com/Nilhcem/esp32-cloud-iot-core-k8s/tree/master/05-influxdb_grafana_k8s of this: http://nilhcem.com/iot/cloud-iot-core-with-the-esp32-and-arduino

In function i put: host: (i can put only 1 link) httpinfluxdb port: 8086, db: iot.

In New dashboard -> Graph -> metrics, I can’t see datas from temperature AND humidity. I don’t think I know how to use the query options (since I’ve tried several and several) or the data is not being stored correctly in influxDB.

In kubectl get services I can’t access external ip: 3X.7X.108.40 :8086 of the influxDB. But grafana And influxdb stay running in GKE