I am getting undefined: getWinchSignal

when i try to build my xk6 extension
i am getting


…/…/…/…/…/pkg/mod/go.k6.io/k6@v0.43.0/cmd/ui.go:322:12: undefined: getWinchSignal

Hi there,

we can’t help you without some details…

Can you let us know:

  • which OS and version you’re using,
  • which xk6 version you’re using,
  • the command you ran,
  • and which extension you’re trying to build?

We need to be able to reproduce this if it’s an issue that has to be fixed.

i can able to solve this by

  • removing xk6 rm ~/go/bin/xk6

  • re-installing again go install go.k6.io/xk6/cmd/xk6@latest

Thank You