Huge Difference in throughput

Hello Team,
I am seeing a difference in throughput when i am running my load test using a data store vs without using a data store.
When I am using a data store - throughput = 800 requests/second
When I am not using a data store - throughput = 8-10 requests/second

could some body please let me know if this is something you know of.


Hi Amruth,

those are surprising results. If anything, I would expect using a data store to be impacted and not the other way around, though from internal tests we haven’t noticed any differences.

Which data store are you using? Can you share the exact commands and environment you used to execute k6, and exact versions of everything? Maybe even the test script or relevant parts of it? We need to be able to reproduce this behavior to help you out, since we haven’t seen it so far (that I know of).



Hello Ivan,
I think it is something from our server side code. I will get back to you if that isn’t the issue.
Thanks for the response,