Http_req_waiting per tagged http request

I know now that by adding thresholds I get the http_req_duration per tagged http request in the summary. Is something like this also possible to get the http_req_waiting in similar way ? (currently it is an average across all requests)

Hi @sverzijl !

Maybe the functionality of the handleSummary() callback End of test solve your needs? :thinking:

Let me know if that answers,

specifically add tags to the requests.

The requests are tagged already, so not sure what you mean.

I finally had some more time to dive into this.

It cannot be solved by changing handleSummary() since the required data simply isn’t delivered to this function.

But I am able to retrieve the information I needed by saving the perftest output to json (–out <output.json>) and then using jq to calculate it.
Bit of a workaround, but it works and is still relatively simple.

i.e. :

cat results.json |jq '. | select(.type=="Point" 
and .metric == "http_req_waiting" 
and .data.tags.status >= "200" and .data.tags.tag== "PDP")| .data.value' 
|jq -s 'def roundit: .*100.0|round/100.0;add/length|roundit'