Html/template: "index" is undefined

I’m trying to setup Grafana Development environment on my local system. I’m able to start grafana-server on localhost:3000 but login page is not showing up instead it’s showing following error:
html/template: “index” is undefined

I did npm install also packages got installed successfully.

I’m on Windows Machine 64 Bit.

Please help me to bring up the UI. I need to integrate Prometheus Data Source.


You might need to run yarn build or npm run build.

You can also download the binary release of Grafana from unless you’re trying to do any customizations to Grafana :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the suggestion.
on yarn install and yarn build. I’m able to get the UI on developer mode.

I need to create a custom plugin with HighCharts.js for my organnization with custom API which will return the prometheus response in custom format.

Basically HighChart.js needs custom JSON format to draw the graph. so I’m thinking to create a dedicated backend API for that which take prometheus response and convert it to HighChart compatible format.

so can you please suggest me the better way to do it in Grafana or point me to some resource that would help me to achieve this.

I would really appreciate that.


Ah, I see! That makes sense to me.

We are working a lot on improving the plugin developer experience for Grafana both through documentation and creating a more powerful framework for plugins, partially to improve the use-case you’re describing. When you’re developing a custom plugin the easiest way to get assistance is through Slack, go register on if you haven’t already :slightly_smiling_face: