Href images no longer fully clickable

Hello all,

As of recent we have upgraded Grafana from 7.3 to 7.5.4. We’ve noticed that in 7.5 and onwards (maybe even in 7.4, but we couldn’t check) images using a href link are no longer fully clickable, but are now only clickable in a very small area in the center of the image.
This was not present in 7.3, where images with hrefs were fully clickable.

Example of our visual:

Text visual with the following HTML:
<center><a href="dashboard_link"><img src=image_link.png width=75%></a></center>

Things we’ve tried with no success:

  • Remove the tags
  • Remove the ‘width=75%’ restraint

Is this a 7.4/5 related issue? Any tips on how to fix this or create a workaround is very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @bartp,

I was able to confirm this issue on 7.4.5 and 7.5.4. Here is my test on, which is currently running 7.5.4.

I think you should create an issue in our repo reporting this bug. You can link to the dashboard I included.

I have the same issue in 8.2.3 and I don’t think that the issue was opened. Was it or should I open it?

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Yes, please! Thanks @mikhailvolkov :grafana:

Issue opened: Href images no longer fully clickable · Issue #41445 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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The reason why my original request was closed was because it was not a bug, it was actually by design. Apparently, you need to add style=“display: block;” into your HTML a line. This was not necessary in 7.3.

Does this work for you aswell? @mikhailvolkov

EDIT: In example
<center><a style="display: block;" href=link><img src=image.png></a></center>

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Thank you, but it’s still not described anywhere and not expected by users.
I just updated stylesheets for my plugins and it works perfectly.
Closed the issue.


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