How to use annotations to mark software upgrades using build_info prom metrics?

So I know that we can use annotation to mark important events in the dashboards using Prometheus metrics, I am not sure how exactly this intended to be used.

I am trying to use
build_info{app_kubernetes_io_instance="service-name",app_kubernetes_io_name="servicename",instance="",job="kubernetes-pods",kubernetes_namespace="service-namespace",kubernetes_pod_name="service-name-cb69d9f59-x8hgc",name="service-name",pod_template_hash="cb69d9f59",version="0.1.71"} 1

I want to annotate the version on the graphs to be able to mark the performance changes of service.

I noticed the label_values function doesn’t work with Grafana annotations.

Can you let me know whether this could be achieved?

I am using Grafana 7.x.x


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