How to tag a folder from UI or API

Dockerized OSS Grafana on RHEL VM. Version: 9.5.6

I am trying to tag an existing folder. We have a department using our Grafana, I integrated them via LDAP and they are all Viewer by default. However, I granted them permission to edit in some folder. I want to tag those folders to see which folders they are working on when I list all the folders

I tried to find tags section in folder settings but couldn’t find it. So I try to update it using the folder API

My request was like this:

    "tags": ["my-custom-tag"],
    "overwrite": true

Request succeded with 200 status code and returned the folder info (tags not included). (There wasn’t any tags key in the response json though)

I expected to be able to edit tags in folder settings and also expected to folder update endpoint being able to update the tags of a folder

Couldn’t find any posts regarding a similar issue. Still don’t know how to tag a folder. Both UI and API solutions are OK for me

Appreciate the help in advance…