How to sync between promtails and Loki without push API?

Basically I’m trying to see if I can use Grafana Loki to monitor our live platform that is located on an externally hosted server accessed via a SSL-VPN.

The VPN only allows the office to see the live platform devices via IP addresses, but does not allow the live platform devices to see the office devices IP addresses (i.e. a one-way VPN route).

Grafana and Loki are running in the office. I have promtail working on the live platform scraping the logs but configuring the push api won’t work because I cannot push to an endpoint that has an IP address in the office.

FYI the office server that has Grafana and Loki on does not (and cannot) have VPN access so getting data from the live platform promtail would likely need to be done via another promtail in the office over the VPN. But the push api problem still stands I cannot push to anything in the office because the VPN will not allow connections to be established in that direction.

Is there a way around this? e.g. like the office being able to pull the data using Loki or another promtail, periodically from promtail on the live platform?

Changing the VPN at this time is not possible before anyone mentions it :wink:

Many thanks,

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