How to split Grafana UI from Grafana backend server

I’m dealing with Grafana source code and I want to use Grafana HTML/Angular but connect to a different backend (not go-lang Grafana server). For this reason, I’m trying to split Grafana html/Angular on the source code level and run it as a Single page application. Unfortunately, I cannot understand which files I need to extract to separeate backend from front-end. When I try to take files from public folder I see that some files have links to variables which are most probably injected by Grafana go-server. Is there easy way to split UI? How would you run HTML inside public folder? npm start doesn’t look like work for me

Hi graphtest23,

Do you tried using a reverse proxy ?? you could redirect the grafana api calls to your API.

You can use a reverse proxy to redirect some of the API calls but that doesn’t account for the Go HTML templating engine Grafana uses to inject variables (user data, settings, nav data et al) into the HTML templates

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 12.10.43 PM

I’m interested in if anyone’s come up with a front-end only technique for this