How to show data when date data changes using variable/template

New user, not sure which version but I installed it this week. Sql Server back end.

I am creating a burn up chart (more or less) and it seems to be working just fine. I have a variable where I select the sprint (monthly sprints, so one sprint is 2019-05). If I select 2019-05 sprint and show it’s data, everything is great. If I change to sprint 2019-03, suddenly no data is being shown, however, the dates across the bottom are still in the 2019-05 time range. I can manually change the date being shown in the window, but I would prefer the users of this chart be able to simply make the change and have the window display the data requested.

So, how do I ensure when I select 2019-03 the graph shows the date values of the date range for the data? (which for this chart would be 3/27/2019 through 5/13/2019, I know, way bigger than 1 sprint )

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, here’s my query:

SELECT [theDate] as time
,(select sum(theCount) from [Metric_Values_View] where IterationPath = mvv.IterationPath and Metric = mvv.Metric and theDate <= mvv.theDate) as valueOne
FROM [dbo].[Metric_Values_View] mvv
WHERE IterationPath = ‘$sprintPath’
Order by [theDate]

I have read about the $interval variable and having it set to auto but am unsure how I would use that and there doesn’t seem to be anything specific in any docs about using it with Sql Server plugin.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be given,


Here’s a screenshot of the chart:

Double check that when you created your variable that you selected to refresh on time range change.

I don’t know if this will solve your issue or not but worth checking.

I did not have it set to that. I changed it but see no difference in how the chart is working.

I now see that changing this is in reference to the variable and not the chart view window (as far as I can tell) which is why I believe this had no affect.

Is there really no way to control the view window of a graph panel so the data set shows up within the view-window?

Only the user can change this “on-the-fly”?