How to set notification reminders in Unified Alerting using Grafana 8+

Coming from Grafana 7.5.11 to 8.1.7, I’m starting to use the new unified alerting system.

There was a feature in 7.5.x Grafana notification channels that allowed a “Notification Reminder” to be configured so a reminder notification would be sent every X minutes that an alert remained in a triggered state.

I’m not seeing this functionality anywhere in the new unified alerting system. Did I miss it? If not will it be added again? It was handy to use as a periodic check-in heartbeat for grafana liveness.

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Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @johnalotoski

I am seeing this option for reminders when running main (8.3.0-pre):

Thank you! Yup, I definitely missed seeing that.

Much appreciated.

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In Version 8.4.4 I can’t see this option:

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I am new to Grafana, but I think you should create a new notification policy and override general timings :slight_smile:

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I think this is the real solution. This did work for me.

this depends on if you are using legacy alert or the new unified alerting:

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