How to set endpoint in storage_config cassandra block?

I’m trying to configure a cassandra endpoint to storage_config block.
Below is my schemaConfig

  - from: 2020-09-07
      period: 24h
      prefix: loki_index_
    object_store: cassandra
    schema: v11
    store: cassandra

Below is my storage_config

    client_cert: |

    client_key: |

    keyspace: loki
    table: logs
    batch_size: 1000
    batch_timeout: 1s
    max_retries: 3

I’ll have my client cert and key contents in respective keys. And endpoint is custom endpoint. Usually i’ll connect to that endpoint using certs only. There’s no username and passwords.

I’ve gone through above link but couldn’t find config for using endpoint. I’ve got above config from internet and chatgpt.
Below are the errors i have in my logs

failed parsing config: /etc/loki/config/config.yaml: yaml: unmarshal errors:
  line 75: field batch_size not found in type cassandra.Config
  line 76: field batch_timeout not found in type cassandra.Config
  line 77: field client_cert not found in type cassandra.Config
  line 142: field client_key not found in type cassandra.Config
  line 173: field endpoint not found in type cassandra.Config
  line 176: field table not found in type cassandra.Config

Is there anything i’m missing or this cassandra block doesn’t support endpoints ? FYI i’m using loki 2.7.3 version

The configuration you provided appears to be incompatible with Loki version 2.7.3. The error messages indicate that fields such as batch_size, batch_timeout, client_cert, client_key, endpoint, and table are not recognized in the Cassandra configuration for this version.

To use Cassandra as an object store, consult the official Loki documentation or release notes for Loki 2.7.3 to find the correct configuration options. Ensure that you are using a configuration format and parameters supported by your specific Loki version to resolve these issues and connect to your Cassandra endpoint securely.