How to save index in different tenants?

I set some label and Loki save chunks in small size.
When I post a request to Loki with org id, Loki query index firstly and then query tenant directory secondly.

Whichever tenant I query Loki query all index, so there s some way to save index in different path by different tenants?

****build_per_tenant_index: true

I add the config in Loki.
But I can’t see something different in ‘index’ directory or ‘boltdb-shipper-active’ directory.And I did see that chunks saved under dirrerent tenant directory.

I’ve not used the configuration build_per_tenant_index, but looking at the code briefly I think it only prefixes the index files, the location of the index files are still all stored under the same directory structure in your object storage.

Thank u. I have found that.

I feel wired about that why orgId directory is under the index file.