How to run Highly available Loki in Monolithic mode?

In Loki there are three modes monolithic, simple scalable and microservices modes, and you can run single binary loki as Horizontally scalable also according to architecture docs:
Horizontally scale up a monolithic mode deployment to more instances by using a shared object store, and by configuring the memberlist_config section to share state between all instances.

High availability can be configured by running two Loki instances using memberlist_config configuration and a shared object store.

So i followed this example configuration for memberlist config (Examples | Grafana Labs) in a single binary loki installation and increased replicas to two (loki-0,loki-1). But now logs are not always available with this config, so is there something wrong with it ?

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What do you mean lops are not always available with this config? Are you getting an error when querying loki or?

@doe911john911 Could you figure out what was needed on the configuration side? I think I am facing the same problem and I am running out of bullets