How to run for an infinite duration (synthetics)

How can we run tests for an infinite duration, i.e., until we manually kill the test?

The docs say, under Performance and synthetic monitoring:

With k6, you could run tests with a small amount of load to continuously validate the performance and availability of your production environment.

We would like to do exactly this - use k6 to send a steady stream of traffic through several synthetics. However, I can’t find anything around how to actually configure an infinite duration in the docs or here in the forums.

I did see this post and we are able to use an external output per the recommendation.

Hi @RobS i think that you can schedule your execution test starting the test in periods of time (eg: each hour or each 4 hours, etc), for this you can use a devops tool to trigger the execution (jenkins , etc) or the same K6 cloud > option schedule test. I saw this process with automated ui tests in production, i think it works for performance testing synthetic too. Hope it helps.


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Thanks for the suggestion, @Gino - that would certainly work for us! In our case we’d probably schedule it to run for an hour every hour as we want the sustained throughput.

For the k6 product team, it would be great to be able to specify duration: "infinite" or such and avoid the scheduler altogether.

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