How to replace 'AdvancedMode' of Grafana in Jsonnet

Hi community,
I would like to replace the advancedMode of target function in json file (look the code below) thanks to jsonnet language:
“spaceLength”: 10,
“stack”: false,
“steppedLine”: false,
“targets”: [
"advancedMode": true,
“expire”: "/*\r\nPanel: counter graph …

I cannot find a function in Grafonnet-lib, and I don’t know what refers this ‘advancedMode’.
Does a grafonnet function exist? There is another way to solve this issue by coding?

Thanks by advance for your help.

Are you saying that you can use grafonnet to create the target, but Grafonnet does not support "advancedMode": true which shows up in your dashboard JSON?

If this is the case, then you can just do something like:

.addTarget( + { advancedMode: true } )

This will extend your target with the “advancedMode” element as needed. This is the power of Jsonnet - you don’t need a function to add something, you can just add a snippet of JSON (or Jsonnet) to your existing object.