How to remove the "Forgot your password?" option from login page

Hi Team,

As per the client request we want to remove the “Forgot your password?” option from login page.

Can any one help me on this?


Here’s what I can and can’t say. I can say that you should look here for the code in question:

44:    expect(screen.getByRole('link', { name: 'Forgot your password?' })).toBeInTheDocument();
45:    expect(screen.getByRole('link', { name: 'Forgot your password?' })).toHaveAttribute(

56:                          Forgot your password?

I can’t say whether or not modifying this code for your client violates Grafana’s open source license. That would depend on your version of Grafana, how you are using Grafana ad what you are selling, and numerous other factors.

Sorry even after editing the above pages. still forgot password is there.