How to read Azure Queue message?

In setup function I m sending request. In this request I have a body which contains amount parameter. I will set this amount as a global using setup.Let’s say the amount is 100. But I need to verify the accuracy of this number when the export default function completed.I can only verify the amount by reading the Azure Queue message count on Azure side. I need to run the teardown function after my export default function is finished .Then I will read queue message count and compare with amount in teardown.The most important question here is that I will need to read the azure queue message in the teardown function. Is there any method to do this? Or how can i solve this issue

Sorry for attached but this is very technical question and didn’t found in documentation @ned @imiric @inanc

Hi @Yusuf ,

From the looks of it Azure queue can be accessed via HTTPS calls so you can just use k6/http to make requests in teardown the same way you do in the default function.

Hope this helps you