How to: query JSON once, use fields in several panels in dashboard?

Hi all,
I’m using a Infinity plugin to get online JSON data from HTTP endpoint. This JSON is rather simple:

  "devices_details": [],
  "summary": {
    "data_count": 821254,
    "expected_data_count": 928800,
    "devices": 9675,
    "devices_with_complete_data": 8522,
    "data_acq_pct": 88.42097329888027,
    "kpi_generation_date": "2023-08-17T22:00:00Z"

Is there any way to make a dashboard that can do GET JSON from URL once, and share data with 6 panels (let’s say: a “Stat” type) to visualise each field from above JSON?
Currently I’m doing this in poor way, fetching the same URL 6 times and using each field as the only one selector for each panel, but it’s somewhat creepy…

In Stat there is a property called All Fields. Try that out

Yes, I know that. But what if I want to use mixed panels on dashboard, eg. Stat panel for numeric values + Gauge panel for percentage field (“data_acq_pct”)?