How to plot top 10 growing objects over a period of time

I am new to the community of grafana. Recently i started working on grafana and i am not so familiar with it. I want help with respect to the plotting of data.

I have the following data with me

db schema tablename bytes

db1 schema1 table1 1234434
db1 schema1 table2 3409853
db1 schema1 table3 4645654

db1 schema2 table1 2343454
db1 schema2 table2 3242323
db1 schema2 table3 3433455
. . .

My question is how to get top 10 growing objects/tables from each schema. The growing objects are determined by “bytes”. Please help
I had chosen timeframe of Last 7 Days (on the top right side of grafana site)

Can you tell me your type data source?
mysql, influx, …?

datasource is graphite.

Not sure what version of graphite you’re using but highestCurrent may be available for you?