How to map large number of ids to human readable values


I have three different data sources. One is my application db there are all the application informations stored like application_name. Then I have multiple tracking db’s where I want to build metrics out of it. In the tracking db’s I don’t store the application_name, only the application_id.

In my metrics now I can only display the application_id. To make it easier to read I would like to replace the application_id with application_name from my application database.

I looked into the value mapping feature but there I can only add the entries manual. I have 80000+ application records I need to map. So thats not an option.

Any idea on how to solve this?


What datasources are those three?

The track data is in Redshift the application data in Postgres.

That would be hard to solve.

One possible workaround would be to use template variable selecting application id as key and name as value from application db and then use this variable to filter on application id’s in tracking db’s.

Another one would be some job which transfer a table with application id and name to the tracking db which you could join on when fetching metrics.

Good luck