How to make dynamic point size

Version is latest. I’m using XY Chart for monitoring my data. I’m using Infinity Data Source and this is my JSON
data →

    "Age": 5,
    "Boys": 109.696837335773,
    "Girls": 109.541676679828
    "Age": 6,
    "Boys": 115.627250312838,
    "Girls": 115.398119979595
    "Age": 7,
    "Boys": 121.114919518384,
    "Girls": 120.790683951776

I want to make dynamic point size. I mean if Boys+Girls > 240 point size must be 40 if it is lower point size must be 30. x axis: Age y axis: Boys

as an extra. When I try to make value mappings or thresholds on this Json data I send, it constantly takes all values according to the largest value.
For example:
[110-115] = Green
[115-118] = Blue
[120-125] = Yellow

All points appear yellow, but what I want is for them to be blue if they are between 115-118.

I want to create panel something like this one.


You might be able to use apache echart plugin