How to make connection between PerfMon Metrics Collector and Grafana app


I’m green in testing web services and my task was to get acquaint with JMeter.
I reached moment when it’s fine to get some statistics related to HTTP requests but I stucked on Server metrics (CPU, memory). As I am learning all the stuff, I work on localhost

I work with:

  • Windows10
  • Grafana v6.2.5 (6082d19)
  • Jmeter v5.1.1(r1855137)
    ** jp@gc - PerfMon Metrics collector (output localhost:4444)

When I use jmeter backend listener I get HTTP metrics and can see the data in Grafana after settings its source. In case of PC performance metrics I don’t know how to make it visible in Grafana. Tried some google links but it looks to me that it basis on higher knowledge level than I have (some details missing).

Could any one help me to figure it out?