How to load json response in combo boxes

I would like to load my json response i get from my REST API in grafana. I have done my research found that simple json datasource plugin can be used for loading json datasource.

Made changes to REST API to allow CORS headers. Able to successfully add the API’s as datasource in grafana using simplejson datasource.

Unable to load the json response in combo boxes in the dashboard using varaiables in dashboard settings.

Please find the sample json response from Rest API:


I would like to have three combo boxes

  1. one for Domain
  2. One for Project
  3. One for Build

For example: when i select DOMAIN_1 from the dropdown. The other two combo boxes should show the project and build associated with DOMAIN_1

is it possible to apply filters. how can i do that. Any assistance/suggestion on this would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

Grafana version 7.2.0
Simplejson Datasource Plugin version -1.4.1