How to keep track of key dates and metrics

  • How to keep key dates easily in “quick ranges” or other places?
  • How to keep important metrics (key dates) forever (without retention dates) while the main database has a retention date? Copying metrics in another database?



Saving custom time ranges and re-use throughout different dashboards are not supported in Grafana. If you have all the time ranges available (in epoch format) and links to your dashboard I guess you can generate links to your dashboards including querystring parameters with time range, e.g. &from=1518694028126&to=1518780428126.

I would suggest you to have a look at annotations for keeping track of important events. There’s native annotations that you can create and store in Grafana database or annotations by querying other data sources.

Solution may depend on the time-series database you’re using, but yes in general I would say copying metrics to another database or the same (using other retention policy).