How to keep on running the rest of scripts when one checklist is fail?

Hi, I have a question on using k6.
I have a smoke test script, it has several test checklists in it.
No relationships between checklists, when one of them is fail, I want to keep on running others, how can I do that?

Thanks in advance for your help. :heart_hands:

Hi @Brenda,

Welcome on the forum :tada:

I have some intuitions as to what you are trying to achieve, and why doesn’t it behave as you would expect already, but would you be able to share an anonymized version of your test script (even dumbed down) to confirm it?

As a general note, it might be worth mentioning that if you are using thresholds as part of your smoke tests, those will halt the execution. Whereas checks won’t. Maybe that’s also helpful?