How to hide some certain matches in Grafana alert?

I am new to Grafana and really struggle with it.

I have 2 query A and B (B is hour()), and I set up an alert condition: if query(A, 1m, now) > 0 and query(B, 1m, now) is within 0 and 2 (means it only alerts between 0AM - 2AM UTC).

It works and only alert at the time I choose, but when alert, it fires both result of query A and query B. I do not want query B to appear in the alerting. (since it is just a condition for timing).

How do I hide the matches of query B? Or if not, is there any alternative to timing without writing a new query hour()?

Welcome @hoangtrung070801 to the Grafana forum. You should be able to hide the matches of query B. Can you show us your alerting screen (everything, including the template text used in the alert message)?