How to handle Templated Variables with Dashboard Provisioning

When I provision a dashboard, any templated variables become static to the JSON.

I can strip back prior values from the JSON, but when I revaluate the templated variable using the variable dialog, it will rerun the queue and show me an appropriate Preview of Values. But hitting Update brings up a SaveAs Dialog (as expected if I changed the dashboard)

How can I preserve templated variables by query, not value, in a provisioned dashboard?

When I first start a provisioned dashboard, I would expect it to run any associated queries for templated variables to dynamically fill in the values. But this does not seem to be the case. Perhaps I am implementing this feature incorrectly?

Thanks for the input.


I found the issue was neglecting to qualify when a dynamic variable is reloaded. By changing the value from Never to On Dashboard Load, the a provisioned dashboard acts as expected.