How to give Tiles a fixed position?

in the Dashboard I import Data from an MySQL Database. I import visitors and days until an Event happens. Now I would like to connect the counter of the visitors with the counter of the days to the event. How is that possible? I also would like to know how I can make this happen automatically becuase if one event is finished the Dashboard imports the next one (again the number of the visitors and days). so the new one should be automatically placed on the right possition.

Thanks for the Support!

If you set the query for getting the next event as a template query (make sure it is set to automatically update) you can then use that variable to make one query for the time of the event and another for the number of registered visitors.

You would have something like this (but for your schema and not one I just made up):

Variable event_id:


Days until event:

SELECT date FROM events WHERE = [[event_id]];

Number of participants:

SELECT count(*) AS participants FROM events_participants WHERE = [[event_id]];

Hi, and thank you for your answer. I actually already did that. Now i put every event in its own row. But that doesn’t look that nice. Is there any possibility to get 4 by 3 Trainings displayed on the whole Dashboard?

Ah! I see! It’s not currently possible with rows :confused: It’s a feature request that’s in the backlog. If you have a GitHub account, it’d help if you’d :+1: this request so we know it’s something the community wants :slight_smile: