How to get Grafana APIs to modify/add a table panel on dashboard? and add new rules to it

Hard to add rules. Even after modifying json object and updating grafana dashboard - in parts of Table Panel - can add new rules and delete some rules but - these are not reflected on the dashboard(even though rules added is a success). however, if same rules are added manually - it works. please help as this is not making sense to me.
I am using python script to modify json and add two new rules to columns of a table panel - but it does not reflect well on the dashboard. I am adding influx db data at the end of the script - could this be a problem?

Adding influx data I the dashboard Json? That does sound right :slight_smile:

As long as your change is the same as the UI would make it will work

Yeah, this got fixed - the issue was - the sequence of addition in rules…the inbuilt table panel has one rule added by default - regex for ‘all columns’ so it took that rule first, so I am now first deleting that rule first from the dashboard json and adding two new rules. so that worked.
But all this would have been so much more convenient if we had REST APIs for Grafana Panels :frowning: