How to get Datasource name in Tomcat

Hi Team,
While in weblogic we have some queries weblogic_jdbcdatasource_deployment_state(sample query) to fetch the details, Please help me out to fetch the details for tomcat. Using node and JVM exporter will het infra metrics and application metrics only not the details of datastore as in weblogic.

Please help me out to get the details of tomcat and let me know the few queries too.

Is it possible to fetch the details or not? please let me know ASAP

Hi @techie,

Can you please be more specific in describing your issue? What version of Grafna are you using? What datasource? What have you tried and what happened? Any screenshots?

same way I am expecting for tomcat servers

HI @techie

I think you might have more luck asking about Tomcat queries in a Tomcat forum or a WebLogic forum.

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