How to get data via Grafana?

I have LoRa sensor and I am using Yggio platform and dashoard is Grafana to get data.
How to get data or in other ord what I have to serch for to get the data.
Second question is that is Grafan has API and what is differnces between API and Grafan?


so Yggio is where the data is stored? What kind of database is it?
can is be access directly or via an api

Can you export data from your graph on Grafana?

Point to graph that you want the data → Press i on your keyboard → Download csv

Hello guys,
If you are new to grafana you should try this link :

there is basic stuff to understand how grafana works.

Just to make a quick answer

Grafana is a website using in one side plugin (datasource) to get data, and in other hand plugin (panel) to display data.

Yes every panel is a data table you can export to csv.
click on panel option > inspect > data

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