How to get auto-provisioned updates to update the dashboard display?


I’m using the auto-provisioning feature of Grafana: to manage my dashboards remotely.

I’ve set the updateIntervalSeconds parameter to 600, so it should check every 10 minutes for an update to the dashboard.

However, nothing changes on my wallboard display unless I manually refresh the browser after the new dashboard has been found and implemented, so the auto-update feature isn’t really automatically updating.

I’m using Chromium browser under Debian 9 ‘Stretch’ Linux with Grafana 6.2.4 on a separate Debian 9 ‘Stretch’ machine, and the dashboard update interval is set to 30 seconds.

Have I missed some configuration (I’ve basically used the template at with very little modification) which is needed so that the browser display actually changes when I modify the dashboard definition?



Does everyone else experience this as well?

Am I missing some config setup to make my display update within
updateIntervalSeconds, or am I supposed to have to refresh the browser
manually in order to notice that the dashboard has been updated?

If the latter, I regard this as a bug in Grafana, because it means “automatic
updates” don’t actually update the display automatically.