How to get alert URL as short

I using Telegram for contact point. When I get alerts, the links to addresses are very long and at phone it is not looking good. How to make them short URL ?

Can links be embedded under topic names ? Thus, links are completely invisible.

There is an option on “Share Panel” for shorten URL is there any option for alert rules ?

Hello @volbulbul, alerting does not support it. I am not sure it will but you can create a feature request in grafana/grafana · Discussions · GitHub and if it gets many upvotes from the community, we may consider implementing it.

hi you need to do something like this in your message body:
Silence: [link]{{ .SilenceURL }}
and then you’ll get short url alerta:
Silence: link

I found solution instead of short link, I embedded the link under text.
{{ if gt (len .SilenceURL ) 0 }}<a href="{{ .DashboardURL }}"><u>Silence</u></a>{{ end }}